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Lunch boxes

Lunchbox world champion India

In India, a bought meal would be unthinkable, because the country is lunchbox world champion. The Indians have a tradition of eating their own food at lunchtime from a three-tiered lunch box, the dabba. This was picked up from the employee's home by a courier, known as a dabawalla, and delivered to his workplace. Dabawallas have a long tradition in India. In 1880, during the colonial rule of the British in India, many locals did not like the food served by their colonial masters. As a result, an Indian businessman opened a service that brought lunch boxes prepared at home by women to men at work. The Lunch Pot by Black and Blum evokes the design of a dabba. The two-piece lunch pot transports and separates pasta and sauce, cereal and yogurt, or main dish and dessert as desired. The two containers are microwave and dishwasher safe and made of BPA-free.

Lunchboxes in the Wohndesign store - your advantages

Lunchboxes - a matter of taste

Breakfast or lunch should be something to look forward to, not something to be forced upon you. Delivered or locally purchased food rarely comes close to fresh, home-cooked food. As a result of the to-go trend, the lunchbox is on the rise again. And not just in the playground. For many, the lunch bag is an integral part of their work equipment. The manufacturer Luckies has taken this into account with its Brown Paper Bag lunch bag . What looks like a plain brown paper bag on the outside has a lot going for it: the Brown Paper Bag is tear-resistant, waterproof and insulates against heat and cold.

Fresh meals in every season

In summer, the refrigerator is, next to the fan, the most contested item in the office routine. Why? Everyone who has already prepared his lunch wants to protect it from the heat. What helps are thermal containers or lunch boxes with a cooling battery. It becomes modern with a new interpretation of the lunch box from Menu . The textile lunch bag offers space for drinking bottles or sandwiches, as well as a small cooling element that keeps lunch fresh.

Healthy school snacks instead of kiosk sweets

Getting kids to eat a healthy meal during school hours isn't easy. Sweet temptations often await at the school kiosk. It gets a little easier with a kid-friendly lunch box. The Lunch Box 8 from Lego , has the classic look of the popular toy brick. It can easily hold several snacks. Especially practical: The functionality of Lego has been retained. Like the bricks, the lunch boxes can be stacked firmly on top of each other. For those who prefer a more secure design, the Take a Break lunch box from Rosti Mepal is the perfect lunch box. It has room for four sandwiches.

Separate areas - no mixed mess

Especially in summer, many would like to sweeten their lunch break with a fresh salad. If it weren't for the hassle of transporting it. Tomatoes, cheese and dressing soften the other components of the salad over the day. What should be crunchy at lunchtime is just an unsightly, mushy mess. That won't happen with the Black and Blum lunchbox. The Appetit box has an insert so you can separate different types of food or cook a hot portion in the microwave while the other part of the meal stays cold. At the same time it is leak-proof and free of harmful substances.

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