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LED Ceiling Lights

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Small, efficient and long lasting: LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are light sources that correspond to the spirit of time. The LED lights available at the Connox design shop present an environmentally friendly alternative to classic lamps without compromising design. Illuminate your home in an energy-saving and stylish way with an LED ceiling light from Connox.

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LED – the Modern Light Bulb

Lighting is one of the largest electricity guzzlers at home – especially when we don’t live alone, but, for example, with children. Sometimes rooms are lit for hours, because when leaving them we forget to switch off the lights. An efficient alternative to traditional light bulbs and a welcome progress in terms of saving energy are LEDs. No flickering, no slow lighting up, no unnatural cold light. After long years of development, LEDs reveal a high light-output and can be used in the most widespread sockets – E27 and E14. This is why even the classics among the ceiling lights can be equipped with the modern light sources. All shortcomings of energy-saving lamps are excluded by LEDs.

LED Ceiling Lights in Our Design Shop

Find the right ceiling lamp for your home at the Connox interior design shop. Here is an overview of your advantages:

LED Ceiling Lights for the Kitchen, Bathroom and Other Rooms

LED lamps are available in two light temperatures – with warm white light (2700-2900 K) and cold white light (>4000 K). The former is especially suitable for living spaces, which are supposed to radiate cosiness and warm atmosphere. The latter is suitable for working rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, where sufficient brightness is of prime importance. Still, your preferable colour temperature in the kitchen, bathroom and living room depends, of course, on your personal taste.

The Eco-Friendly Light Bulb for Your Ceiling Lamp

LED ceiling lights help you save on your electricity bills, as they have the highest energy efficiency. A 60 W incandescent bulb has a luminosity of about 600 lumen. A modern LED bulb with an output of 600 lumens consumes only 8 W. Another advantage of LEDs is the long service life. You will rather need to renovate your house than you will have to change a LED lamp. Besides, the luminous flux of LEDs usually decreases gradually, i.e. it does not instantly go off. The aging of LEDs is nearly linear.

Buy the Right LED for Your Ceiling Light

Until now, light performance of lamps was usually defined by their energy consumption. This has changed in the era of LEDs, energy-saving lamps, etc. When choosing a LED, watch the lumen number – it refers to the luminous flux. 400 lumens correspond to a conventional incandescent bulb of 40 W, 600 lumens – to 60 W, and the luminous flux of a 100 W light bulb equals to 1500 lumens. You will find the maximum performance of ceiling lights in watts on the respective product pages, as well as the lumen number of LEDs. You can find a large amount of different light sources in our light bulbs section – including the best LEDs for your ceiling lamp.

Some of our ceiling lights have a directly integrated LED, such as the Clara LED wall and ceiling lamp or the AIM LED pendant lamp by Flos. Also Artemide, Muuto, NUD collection, Foscarini and many other manufacturers already produce ceiling lights which include modern light sources in their designs.

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