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Design stools - how to find the right model for your home

  1. More than just a seat: multifunctional stools
  2. Choose the right stool height
  3. The right material for your stool
  4. One piece of furniture, multiple uses
  5. Conclusion - you should consider this when buying a design stool

1. More than just a seat: multifunctional stools

Multifunctional stools

Many design stools are all-rounders and have other integrated functions: Stools with a step (as in picture 2) are practical helpers in rooms with high cupboards, such as in the kitchen. Particularly in wardrobes, living rooms and children's rooms, stools with storage space for small items (as shown in picture 3) are practical to prevent clutter, whereas stools with storage space (as shown in picture 1) can be converted in no time at all into an occasional table for glasses, magazines and books. Especially children's stools can still be used as a shelf or a kind of ladder when the children have grown too big.

2. Choosing the right stool height

Stool height

Stools are available in various seat heights, which vary according to use: If the stool is to be used like a chair to sit at the table, a height of approx. 45 cm is just right, while products that are between 65 and 75 cm high are suitable as bar stools for counters, high tables or a kitchen worktop height of approx. 90 cm. Height-adjustable models are particularly practical here.

A height of max. 40 cm is useful as a foot rest or as an addition to sitting in the living room - whereby poufs in particular provide comfort. If you also want to use the stool as a step stool, make sure that the first step is about 20 to 24 cm high.

3. The right material for your stool

Stool - Material

An important question you should ask yourself when buying a design stool is: "What material should it be made of?" From wood (picture 1), the combination of stainless steel and upholstered leather (picture 2) to painted steel (picture 3) or plastic (picture 4), the choice is very wide. While for indoor use you have a free choice of all materials, for garden, terrace or balcony stools made of robust teak wood or coated metal are best suited to prevent corrosion. Plastic stools are also suitable for outdoor use and come in a wide variety of colours and unusual shapes and structures. Like stools made of wood and metal, they are also easy to wipe, whereas fabric elements wear out over time and stains are more difficult to remove.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "Increase the possible uses of your stool through a clever choice of materials. Metal, plastic and even the right wood ensure that you can not only use your stool as a seat, side table and storage unit, but also take it outside and it can shine in the garden or on the balcony just as much with its versatility as indoors." - Viktoria, furnishing expert

Stool - a variety of uses

4. One piece of furniture, multiple uses

However, there are not only different stool heights, but in general also a wide range of possible uses for this flexible piece of furniture. Whether side table, bedside table, step, seat or plant elevation - hardly any other piece of furniture can be converted as versatile as the stool. If you would like to use your stool as an occasional table, make sure that the seat is straight and without indentations or similar and that the material is stable - i.e. no wicker or fabric - otherwise glasses, cups etc. could easily tip over. Also, do not use stools with sensitive materials that can easily scratch, such as acrylic glass.

If you would like to use your stool as a heightening for plants, make sure that the size of the seat is proportional to the flower pot and not significantly larger. If the stool is primarily used as a seat, it is best to choose an ergonomic model with upholstery or indentations.

Stool - seating comfort

Particularly in terms of seating comfort, upholstered stools are clearly the winners: these particularly cosy models cut a great figure in the living room, bedroom and dining room in particular, with stools with full upholstery looking good next to the sofa and products with upholstered seats looking great at tables. By the way, a special variation is the pouf, which in contrast to the upholstered stool is upholstered all around and has a lower height.

The Hay - Butler Stool ladder, oak as a side table

5. Conclusion - this is what you should consider when buying a Design Stool

  • Choose a stool made of coated metal, plastic or sturdy wood to use it not only indoors but also outdoors. Compared to upholstered stools, these materials are also easier to clean and maintain. For greater seating comfort, stools with upholstery are the best choice.
  • For additional functions, choose a stool with certain features: Stools with storage space prevent clutter, two-level stools can be used as a step at the same time and stools with a straight storage surface can quickly be converted into side tables.
  • As an orientation for the suitable seat height of your stool is the field of application. The rule of thumb is: the higher the next piece of furniture or table, the higher the stool. The bandwidth here is approximately between 30 and 75 cm.
  • Before buying, it is best to think about what the primary function of your stool should be (e.g. side table, bedside table, step, seat or plant elevation) and then select a model with the appropriate features.
  • Stools with upholstery are ergonomically recommended.

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