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Iittala Cooking - Pots and Pot series

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Long lasting everyday stories

People realized the value of durable design, and it seems as if the designers that work for Iittala are not that innocent of this. Iittala kept itself a principle: good design has to pass the daily test of use. This includes that the objects have to naturally resist the daily sealing but also they have to be able to survive trend changes and tastes to be loved and appreciated after many years of use.

It is delighting that the early Iittala designs are still desired and produced today. This offers the credibility to the company that means more than the simple approval seal. At the Iittala company one works to create things that think.

The Iittala objects have recognizable and distinctive ideas that emerged for a durable everyday use and that simultaneously display a source of inspiration. For you, your children and the children of your children.

All Steel – Harri Koskinen 2002
What the chef chooses… The All Steel series that has initially been developed with a range of professional chefs is extremely desired from hobby chefs that appreciate good quality today. The series consists of numerous pieces out of stainless steel that are altogether very functional and practical in their details. The casseroles have capacity divisions inside and the grips were improved being bigger and more stabile now. A copper casserole, a frying pan and a wok are part of this series. If you want to own a professionally equipped kitchen, you will have a great basis with this collection.

Tools - Björn Dahlström 1998
Exquisite Function... Tools is a range of pots and pans that serve for a double result: it not only is about a high quality cooking dish, but thanks to its attractive design and its oversized, stabile handles it is also suitable to bring your culinary creation directly to the table – this will be appropriately valued by your guests. The designer Björn Dahlström worked together with world famous chefs and material experts to design these elegant, high function devices its through thought details and first class construction leave no cooking wishes unfulfilled.
The Tools pots and pans have large sizes. Everything at them seems oversized, that is why they are also adapted for large dinner parties as well as for the daily use. The frying pans, the grill pans and the cast iron pot were created out of the materials that suit each one of them best. The cooking pots possess size divisions and a Compound-floor with several layers that spreads heat equally and keeps it. The oven pan however, is a masterpiece of functional, attractive design.

Sarpaneva - Timo Sarpaneva 1960
Kreative Renaissance of the iron era... Professor Timo Sarpaneva’s grandfather was a smith. The fact that he spent a lot of time near fire and melted metal in his childhood inspired the designer for his beloved version of the ancient cast iron pot.
The Sapraneva pot is extremely popular today, so that it was printed on a stamp series as a tribute to Finnish design-elite.
The Sapraneva pot is a combination of tradition, functionalism and elegant aesthetics. It is the basis object for your kitchen that you can directly bring to the table from the oven. A removable wooden handle that can be used to rise the lid or to transport the pot is one of the innovative characteristics that make the pot differ from the rest. The exceptional usage qualities of this enamelled pot on the stove, in the oven and while it is served make this masterpiece the maybe most beautiful cast iron pot of the world.

Neo - Claesson Koivisto Rune 2007
A new age… Neo stands for distinctive and ergonomic design while cooking – in every kitchen and in three sizes. The unique Neo pots are real examples for durable and ideas-rich Iittala design regarding as well their huge functionality as their love for the details. Basic objects that will always inspire you during the daily cooking.