Iittala - Ultima Thule

Iittala - Ultima Thule

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Ultima Thule Series in Falling Glass

Ultima Thule is the name of the iconic series by Iittala, designed by the Finnish graphic artist, architect and designer Tapio Wirkkala. In his almost 40 years with Iittala, Wirkkala designed over four hundred objects. Among his most famous are the objects of the Ultima Thule series, originally created in the 1960s by carving graphic forms. For the series, Wirkkala was inspired by the melting ice in Lapland, which is why the surface of the glass products is reminiscent of droplets running down. The finished products of the series show little graphic form and reflect the countless hours it took to perfect the special effect of Ultima Thule glasses through a special glassblowing technique. In 2015, on the occasion of Tapio Wirkkala's 100th birthday, Iittala launched the Ultima Thule series.

The name Ultima Thule derives from the ancient island of Thule, a place called the end of the world, and from the geographical Ultima Thule. The Ultima Thule is the northernmost land point on earth, about 700 km from the North Pole.