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Lyon Beton

French Laissez-faire cast in concrete: the team of Lyon Beton worked on the development of their unique material for 5 years. According to the intentions of the designers, a special focus is set on the surface due to the granulation of the concrete.


Co-operation with Regional Artists and Designers

For about 5 years, the team of Lyon Beton has worked on the development of a specific sort of concrete in the North of Lyon. This kind of specific concrete was developed to realize a production of furniture and accessories without these getting to heavy. With the help of cement and fine grains, the manufacturer Lyon Beton created surfaces with a soft and pleasant haptic which inspired various designers and artists from Lyon and its region to design new and partly humorous ideas.
Due to the manufacture of the concrete with metal wire and fiber, the furniture has an acceptable weight. In the first instance, the corners and edges are rough, based on the casing of the concrete. Nevertheless, these techniques have been mastered by the team of Lyon Beton which is why the collection receives its well-groomed appearance with neat corners and curves.

Among others, Lyon Beton works with Bertrand Jayr (Art & Design), Le Bocal Ltd (Graphic Design) and Crew Birdy Kids (Street Art).

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