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Nomess - Cotton Buds  Nomess - Cotton Buds, black €3.60 *Nomess - Clear Twin Organizer Nomess - Clear Twin Organizer €22.00 * 5 von 5Nomess - Clear Make-Up Organizer Nomess - Clear Make-Up Organizer €30.00 *Nomess - Clear Tool Box Nomess - Clear Tool Box €30.00 *Nomess - Clear Mirror Box Nomess - Clear Mirror Box €37.00 *Nomess - Clear Toothbrush Holder Nomess - Clear Toothbrush Holder €15.00 *Nomess - Clear Make-Up Organizer Nomess - Clear Make-Up Organizer XL €60.00 *Nomess - Clear Drawer Box Nomess - Clear 3-Drawer 20 €60.00 *Nomess - Toothbrush Nomess - Tootbrush, blue €7.40 *Nomess - Toothbrush Nomess - Tootbrush, pink €7.40 *

Bathroom Accessories made of Acrylic

The Bath Collection by Nomess offers an extensive range of different acrylic accessories for the bathroom: among others, for toothbrushes, make-up, crèmes and further care utensils. Small organising items and cosmetic accessories in a transparent design take care of a fresh and well-organised bathroom ambience.

Sponge and Toothbrush in a natural Optics

Complementing the acrylic boxes, toothbrushes, sponges and further care products in natural colours and materials highlight the domestic bathroom and transforms it in an oasis of well-being.