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Royal copenhagen - Musselmalet ribbed

Royal Copenhagen - Musselmalet Ribbed

Musselmalet Ribbed by Royal Copenhagen

Musselmalet Ribbed was the first tableware decor of Royal Copenhagen. It was designed in 1770 and first went into production in 1775. Today, centuries later, it is one of the most famous and coveted porcelain decorations in the world. As in 1770, every piece is lovingly painted by hand. Revised in the 1880s by Arnold Krog.

The series includes bowls, plates, jugs, cups, mugs, plates and much more. The porcelain is assembled by hand, painted and glazed. A particularly elaborate detail are the lids of the series, which have been fitted with snail shells.

The Danish word Musselmalet means "shell painted" in German. The name can be associated both with the ribbed shape, reminiscent of a shell, and with the blue colour. Blue stands for nobility, loyalty and also secrets. Royal Copenhagen uses a cobalt blue for the classic Musselmalet decoration. The use of cobalt as a colour dates back to the ceramics of ancient Egypt around the year 2600 BC.