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David trubridge

David Trubridge was born in England and now lives and works in New Zealand. The design of his lamps is an image of living beings, landscapes or plants and reflects his closeness to nature.

Stylish wooden lights by David Trubridge

David Trubridge was born in England. In 1981, the trained shipbuilder sold his entire property and purchased a sailing yacht to sail the Pacific with his family for 5 years. He then settled in New Zealand and runs his own design studio there. Since 2006, the autodidact has also given lectures worldwide and taught as a visiting professor at universities.

Inspired by his travels and encounters with locals, David Trubridge began making furniture and lighting. The result was a series of objects based on the shape of traditional Maori canoes - with a light and flexible structure. The objects represent a translation of his view of nature and describe his search for essential, original materials, such as wood and stone, that reflect the simplicity and fragility of human life.

David Trubridge's design objects testify to sustainability and ecological awareness: The wood for its luminaires comes from sustainable plantation construction, the veneer is produced without polluting materials and in order to save emissions, the luminaires are supplied unassembled, for example.

Website by David trubridge

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