Estiluz is a Catalan company for lamps which was founded by Gerard Masdeu Jordà. Buy simple, charismatic lamps like the Poulpe Floor Lamp here in the design shop.


Estiluz is a Catalan company for lamps from Catalonia, Spain, formed in 1969 by Gerard Masdeu Jordà. Specializing in lighting, Estiluz manufactures since decades elegant and functional lighting objects.

Charismatic Lamps from Catalonia

Estiluz is a Catalan company for lamps from the north-eastern part of Spain, founded in 1969 by Gerard Masdeu Jordà in Sant Joan de les Abadesses. Specialising in lighting, Estiluz manufactures elegant, functional and timeless light objects for decades, which are characterised by unusual materials and high quality.

Meanwhile, Estiluz, one of the most sought after and most charismatic manufacturers for lighting is exhibiting their award-winning light objects in the own stores in Paris, New York and Frankfurt. But each lamp is still produced in the company's own shops in the small town in northeastern Spain. This is where the lamp grows from the idea to the finished product and is then sent to the whole world.

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