Good Thing


Good Thing - General Bowl Good Thing - General Bowl, mint €49.00 *Good Thing - General Bucket Good Thing - General Bucket, grey €39.00 *

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Good Things from Brooklyn, New York City

Good Thing was founded by the industrial designer Jamie Wolfond in 2014. Since then, he develops small objects for the day-to-day use and home accessories in Brooklyn, New York together with a team of designers. The company has aroused international interest shortly after its foundation by launching well-designed, universal and fresh products for the American design market, which didn’t exist before.

The objective of Good Thing and its founder Wolfond is to restore the reputation of the American design industry. According to Wolfond, to get there, you need to follow in the footsteps of designers such as Charles and Ray Eames and create objects that exist in everyday life and are beautifully functional. That’s why Wolfond works together with various designers from around the world, who have made New York City their home.

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