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Real classics: Iittala celebrates the 80th birthday of the Aino Aalto glasses collection with new colours and great prices.

The design of the Aino Aalto glasses has been inspired by love for nature. The series has initially been called Bölgeblick, which describes the waves that are created on the water’s surface when a small stone is thrown to it. The functional and timeless simplicity of the glasses still acts modern and time-adapted. This is also the reason why it can still delight today, since good design doesn’t get antiquated. The Aino Aalto Series products suit every event: whether noble dinner-parties or children birthdays.

Celebrate it with us: among the offered glasses there are a glass mug (22 cl), a long drink glass (33 cl), a carafe, a plate and bowls in different sizes. The glasses are not only available in a transparent edition and many different colours. The 80th birthday of the series is celebrated by Iittala with new anniversary colours and reduced prices.