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The colourful style of the Taika series might surprise all of those that believe Iittala to be a traditional, Nordic functionality and simple design manufacturer: The dishes series Taika by the Finnish manufacturer wakes memories that have been forgotten long time ago.

The decorative pattern for the service collection by Iittala was designed by the design newcomer Klaus Haapaniemi. The pattern was initially planned to ornament the Aika series by Heikki Orvola, but the managers were so impressed by the result that a new dishes series was made instead.

And indeed, Taika is different: When I was younger, I used to watch ‘the small mole’ by the Czech artist Zdeněk Miler and many other East European and Russian animation films. I still like this hand-made styles of animation films, said the designer Klaus Haapianemi. Just that hand-made, folkloric style is clearly viewable in the pattern of the Taika series.

Taika offers a completely new facet to the current Iittala assortment, but it still keeps the Iittala known Mix & Match principle in mind. This one stands for the completely combination liberty of all Iittala products with each other. The Taika dishes consist of high quality porcelain and are dishwasher safe as well as non-freezing, oven proof and dishwasher safe.