Labyrinth is a Spanish design studio, which focuses on the development of creative, playful and humorous everyday objects. Products and gift ideas, which will put a smile on the lips.


Labyrinth - Palette Trivet Labyrinth - Palette Trivet €12.00 *

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Gift Ideas from Barcelona

The creative energy of Barcelona inspired some industrial and graphic designers to open a design studio in the city in 2010, which creates refreshing, eco-friendly and reliable products for design, online and print, which are user friendly and give a kick to everyday life.

The products are meant to make people happy, in the same way they put a smile on the designers’ faces, while working on the new ideas. Existing items from public life are taken out of their proper context and get a new meaning through the Labyrinth design studio. This way traffic cones become salt and pepper shakers and the euro pallets become coasters for glasses.