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The traditional Austrian company Riedel, based in Kufstein in Tyrol, has been producing glasses since the middle of the 18th century. The company is family-owned and has been run by eleven generations.


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Timeless Glasses from Riedel, the World Market Leader for Wine Glasses

The traditional Austrian company Riedel, based in Kufstein in Tyrol, has been producing drinking glasses and other types of glasses since the mid-18th century and has been family-owned ever since.
Riedel stands out with an impressive past and a successful present. The company was founded in 1756 by the glassmaker Johann Leopold Riedel in Bohemia. His ancestors had been glass traders, travelling through Europe. In the following decades the Riedel glasswork became more and more known and the men from the Riedel family were named Kings of glass from the Jizera Mountains.

The company survived the end of the monarchy, including the social upheavals of the First Republic and the effects of the global economic crisis. After the Second World War, the Riedel family was dispossessed and Walter Riedel, 8th generation of the company, was held in captivity in Russia for ten years. His son, Claus J. Riedel, escaped in 1946 by jumping from a train while being returned to Germany for repatriation.

The First Riedel Wine Glasses

Supported by the Tyrolean glass industrialist Swarovski, who knew the Riedel family from Bohemia, Claus Riedel succeeded in 1956, together with his father Walter, who had returned from Russian captivity, to take over the bankrupt "Tiroler Glashütte". Finally, in 1973, Claus Riedel created the groundbreaking novelty that is still associated with Riedel today and that has made the company world-famous: wine-friendly, handmade and mouth-blown glass - the first Riedel wine glasses.

In 2004, Riedel took over the German glass company F.X. Nachtmann with the brands Nachtmann and Spiegelau Glas. Riedel is now regarded as a world leader in the production of functional glass. Today, the Riedel glasses, wine glasses, water glasses and beer glasses in many timeless and modern variations - are all available online in the Connox shop. In 2015, Riedel became the only Austrian company to be included in the prestigious French association Comité Colbert. Having arrived in its tenth and eleventh generation, Riedel Glas has remained a traditional family-owned business whose Austrian roots will continue to shape its course in the future.

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