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Key Holders

Key Holders: the Sherlock Holmes for Lost Keys

This will sound familiar, particularly for women. You’re on the doorstep, it's raining, it’s windy. You are desperately searching your handbag. But it's pointless, because the key just doesn’t show up. Another classic situation: You're running late. So you just need to quickly reach out and grab the keys from where they usually are. Though where they should be is only emptiness. There’s one way to avoid all these peeves: a key holder.

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Keys are Gone - Not only a Women’s Problem

Sometimes women dig in their purse for the keys for quite a while. But men are also familiar with the problem. One key each for the car, bike, garage, front door or office. It’s not easy to keep track of all of them. Equally suitable for both sexes: the j-me key holder his and hers. Hang it on the wall and insert the supplied key in the female or male figure of the key holder. From this day the key holder will guard your keys for you. And it is a good alternative to the standard key holder.

Key Holder - Handy and Decorative

We enter or leave our houses several times a day. That’s why a key should be kept open and at close reach. But keys are rarely decorative home accessories. With the Key Pete key holder from Monkey Business they will. The little climber has a magnet in his hands. He can carry up to 20 keys. Pete keeps things in order and is also an interesting eye-catcher.

Key Rings - The Perfect Gifts for Him and Her

Keychains are popular as gifts. And why not? They are available in all sorts of shapes and colours. To meet the recipient’s taste is not difficult. Also, everyone has a key or a key ring with him, which is why a key fob is also handy. For car-crazy men: the Saab Keychain by Playsam. The perfect gift for women is the Heart key ring by Georg Jensen. It is made of high quality stainless steel in a simple heart shape.

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