Water Kettles

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Find pretty and high class water boilers in the Connox design shop. These non-electric devices are used as induction, ceramic, electric or gas hobs in the kitchen in order to heat water. Contrasting water kettles, there are boilers that are powered electrically. Water kettles are also called whistle kettles or tea kettles, since kettles are usually preferred by tea-enthusiasts. Compared with pots, the water kettle is closed, which is the reason why water gets hot faster.

It is important to contemplate the capacity of a kettle when you buy one: this one should fulfil your demands. The standard capacity rates between 1.5 to 2 litres.
Moreover it is important to look at the material, since whistle kettles are especially used on induction hobs. Stainless steel is very suitable since it is easy to care.
Whistle kettles are characterized by the fact that they have a pourer, which makes a noise when the water boils. This is usually a kind of “whistle”.