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Design Fan - Cool you down and inspire with their Design

In the summer it gets hot, sometimes above 25 degrees and warm air accumulates in the living room or office. In case there is no air conditioning, the fan offers a refreshing alternative. Whether in the office, at home or on the balcony - fans are perfect for hot days. They help us to endure the hot temperatures in the summer and make the air circulate in the room. In the Connox interior design shop you will find a wide selection. Discover our offer and be inspired by our range of fans!

Design Fan online at Connox - Your Advantages at a Glance:

The ventilating Fan - Silent, Powerful, Adjustable

The fan is no longer bulky, white and loud. The airflow of our fans is adjustable according to need and distributes the air almost silently in the room. The fan becomes an eye-catcher especially through the used materials or an unusual construction. That’s why some designers choose a cool industrial design, others integrate wood, thus creating a natural look. Design fan Otto from Stadler Form has a housing made of warm bamboo wood. This turns the fan, which otherwise mostly looks cool and technical in a real gem.

Ceiling Fans - A Fresh Breeze throughout the Year

A fan at the ceiling provides for cooling of the whole room. Permanently installed on the ceiling, the fans have a lot of advantages. Instead of generating a directed air stream, it evenly distributes the air from the top throughout the room. Not only in the summer, ceiling fans are extremely practical: In winter, they help to pleasantly distribute the warm air in the room, so our feet as well benefit from the heat.

Design Ventilating Fans feature the Latest Technology

Designers around the world designed a variety of concepts for the fan, which show new possibilities in terms of technology and design. Especially Dyson offers fans with an innovative design. The air multiplier without blades from the British company is already considered a classic, even though it’s only been on the market since 2009. The devices, which are available as table fan, floor fan, or tower fan, do without visible mechanics, so that the fan is hardly recognizable as such. The principle: the air is accelerated through a narrow slot in the air ring of the fan. This way an annular air jet is built up. It is guided to meet an element, which is shaped like a plane’s wing, in order to channel the air flow. Like that a steady stream is created, which has a much lower noise level than in a classic fan.

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