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Gift Wrapping for a Successful Surprise

Whether for a birthday, for Christmas, for Valentine's Day or just for a moment, we show our loved ones how important they are to us. The motto is: The first impression counts. With a nicely wrapped gift, you will show love for detail and increase the anticipation of it. Only wrapping paper makes the gift what it is - a surprise that comes from the heart. In various materials, designs and colors, you can customize the packaging to the recipient and the occasion. So you give even more joy. Here you will find everything you need to consider before buying gift wrapping.

1. Materials - From Tissue Paper to Gift Box
2. Colors, Patterns & Motifs - Creative Packaging
3. Gift Wrapping for Special Occasions: Christmas, Birthdays, Easter & Co.
4. Gift Wrapping: The Best Way to Do It
5. Brands and Prices

1. Materials - From Tissue Paper to Gift Box

One of the most popular wrapping papers is tissue paper. It is thin and translucent. Perfumes and jewelry can be elegantly wrapped with it as they are partly visible through the paper. Tissue paper is varied and available both in subtle shades of cream as well as colorful and vibrant patterns. The classic gift wrapping paper is thicker than tissue paper and not translucent. Its solid structure makes it good for wrapping up major gifts - especially boxes.

Gift boxes and gift bags are excellent for things that are difficult to pack due to their shape, such as wine bottles. They are much better off in a gift bag. In addition, gift boxes or bags are recyclable and protect the environment. Gifts can be decorated originally or creatively embellished with a bow or stickers, which you can leave a loving note on.

2. Colors, Patterns & Motifs - Creative Packaging

Wrapping paper comes in the most different variants. From simple and uni-colored to brightly colored and patterned, there is something for all tastes. The Japan Wrapping Paper by

3210 Mino in discreet black and white looks elegant thanks to its embossments and fits every occasion. The wrapping papers from pleased to meet impress with floral and natural, unobtrusive motifs. Whether animal lover, nature enthusiast, becoming mother or wedding couple - the manufacturer has the right wrapping paper for all people in the repertoire.

Particularly modern and striking on the table with presents: Wrapping paper with geometric shapes and graphic patterns. Colorful dots are reminiscent of confetti and ensure good mood and celebration. The triangle on the ethnic variant of pleased to meet radiates ethnic flair and is decorative. If you like your gifts wrapped funnily, you can rely on Luckies' or Donkey Products' gift wrapping.

For smirking, exceptional variants you might want to have a look at the Safety Box or the Treasure Island wrapping paper. If you are packing your gifts in a variety of colors, you can easily do without gift tapes and ribbons - the patterned design paper alone is a real eye-catcher.

3. Gift Wrapping for Special Occasions: Christmas, Birthdays, Easter & Co.

Of course it is always worth to have wrapping paper in the house, which due to its neutral design fits on different occasions and people. However, the gifts are particularly loving when packaged according to the event. Especially at Christmas, the manufacturers always come up with new motifs, which are great under the Christmas tree. Santa Clause, Christmas tree baubles, snow, cookies, glitter - everything about the theme of Christmas can be found in the most beautiful time of the year on gift wrapping and presents us at the sets the mood for Christmas. There are also matching designs for Easter, weddings, birthdays or the Valentine's Day to enhance your gifts.

4. Gift Wrapping: The Best Way to Do It

Your design wrapping paper will look best when you pack the gift aesthetically pleasing and tidy. Wrinkles and cracks reduce the high-quality and attractive appearance of the paper and thus the charm of the gift. It will be particularly easy if you place the gift in a rectangular box.

Roll out your wrapping paper and place the gift on the inside. Make sure that the edges of the left and right side are so large that the edge of the package is enough to reach the edges of the package. Now cut the wrapping paper as straight as possible. Fold the upper overhang of the paper over the cardboard box and secure it with adhesive tape. Pull the lower overlap so far towards the package that it is completely covered and also fix it with an adhesive strip. Brush the two short sides smoothly downwards and fold the edges so that a triangular shape is formed. Fold the last inch of the edge for a clean finish. Fold the triangles on both sides up - your gift is already packed.

5. Brands and Prices

You get design wrapping paper by pleased to meet already for less than 3€. Versions of Bloomingville, Karte and ferm Living can be found in the middle price segment between 7€ and 20€. High quality and creative gift boxes from Vitra and Luckies as well as the practical mt wraps from MT Masking Tape are at a little over 20€.

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