IXXI - Graphic Collection

IXXI - Graphic Collection

Prints, Illustrations, Graphic Patterns and Pixel Versions

The Graphic Collection by IXXI includes prints, illustrations, graphic patterns and the pixel versions of the Dutch manufacturer for innovative wall decorations.

The Pixel Series is contemporary wall art based on world-famous paintings, Disney and Star Wars characters and Hollywood stars. The pixilated images look particularly impressive in the large format and can decorate any room from the children’s room to a hotel lobby.

The wallpapers by IXXI replace classic wallpaper. The motifs range from historic tapestries to modern photos. The prints in the graphic series into the collection of IXXI. They show scientific drawings of plants and animals up to the image of "The great wave" of the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai; a variety of motifs of the 19th and 20th century.

In addition, the Graphic collection includes a wide range of graphics, world maps, patterns and illustrations. There's something for everyone.

IXXI your world

IXXI turns the whole world into a wall decoration! A modern, innovative way from the Dutch compnay IXXI to present the pictures or artwork in each room of your home.

Fixing IXXI on the Wall

The IXXI cards are connected to each other with the provided crosses. They are then fixed to the wall thanks to the included hanging strips and adhesive strips. Size and design are variable and can be extended of replaced at any time.