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Vases: Atmospheric Decoration with Flowers

Certainly, pots and striking potted plants are among the most beautiful accessories; yet sometimes it just has to be cut flowers. After all, vases are an inherent part of our cultural history. Already 3,500 B.C. the first glass vases were manufactured in Egypt. The first porcelain vases were produced in China in the 14th century. In the course of industrialization new manufacturing techniques have been developed to which the design of vases also adapted to. Find a great selection of designer vases at Connox consisting of design classics, like the Aalto vase, and modern vases. There are countless variants: Find the vase perfectly suited for you.

Designer Vase Shapes: How to Match Your Flowers

When arranging flowers, always make sure that the vase and flowers harmonize with one another. The most beautiful designer vase and the most beautiful bouquet lose their shine, if they don’t match each other. Also, make sure that your vase can provide enough water for the cut flowers. Roses and gerberas for example need lots of water. The most popular types of vases are ball vase, cylindrical vase and the conical vase. But also decoration bowls are suitable as a flower vase. Just cut the stems of the flowers very short and give the flowers into a bowl filled with water. A floor vase is excellent for very large plants, such as hyacinths. However, it is also very decorative without content.

Vases: What Kind of Materials Are There?

Glass, ceramic or porcelain vases? Which one is most suitable? A glass vase is noble. You can choose between a mouth-blown or an industrially manufactured glass vase. Mouth-blown objects always vary from production to production. That’s what makes them unique. If you like identical pieces you should fall back on the machined pieces. Colored glass give vases an additional interesting effect. Designer vases made of glass, such as the famous Aalto Vase by Iittala, goes well with a modern and reduced interior. Scandinavian design with light wood and bright colors complement glass vases as well.

Porcelain vases are convertible. They are often adorned with eye-catching patterns and ornaments. But they are also available in a simpler form, like those of Normann Copenhagen.

Ceramic vases can often be found in striking forms. The Folded Vase by Menu for example, is more of a sculpture than a vessel for cut flowers.

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