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Normann Copenhagen - Brick Cushion

Warm, soft and comfortable: Cushions are cosy textiles for nearly every event. In the living room, in the bedroom or in the children’s room – there is a suitable cushion for every taste.

The selection is enormous: pillow, bolster, sofa cushion, decoration cushion, and more. Thereby there is the right size for every purpose as well as the right shape and the suitable material for the filling and the cover. Find designer cushions for every purpose in here.

Cushions for living rooms

On the couch, sofa or lounge chair cushions don’t only look good but must be comfortable. The cover of them should be robust in order to resist the demands of everyday use in the living room. Whether round or edged, coloured or simple – the user’s personal taste decides. The filling of decoration cushions is thereby less important than the one of sofa cushions, this means that a more form-resistant cushion would be suitable there.

The expectations when we buy a cushion are completely different when it is about a bedroom pillow: The right size, a pleasant height and firmness count to hold our necks comfortably. If you prefer a downs cushion of a harder one with synthetic filling depends on your demands.

The cushion’s cover of children’s cushions should be as soft as possible as well as anti-allergens to be comfortable and pleasant to your kid’s skin.

Natural materials such as cotton, silk or linen suit such covers. Ampther advantage: Cotton and linen are breathable, which is important for bed cushions. Removable covers are also very important for home and bedroom cushions. Whether with buttons or zip closures, the personal taste decides here again.

Outdoor cushions are recommendable in the garden: The cushion’s cover of garden and outdoor pillows is often water repellent and have resistant surfaces as well as fillings that resist humidity.

For winter and summer seasons

Some cushions are thick, others weightless. There are different coatings for warm seasons and for fall and wintertime: soft cushion covers please our skin in summer, cosy home textiles surround us in winter. There are wonderful cushion covers for every season.

Covers for every taste

Different coatings don’t only decide between weightless summer cushions and cosy winter cushions. Different materials for cushions also have important effects regarding their appearance.

The selection is big: woollen and knitted coatings ensure classic-comfortable atmospheres. Traditional, rustic knitted goods up to noble cushion wrappings by Elvang out of alpaca wool: there are numerous options. Other natural materials such as covers of cotton are pleasant to be touched, synthetic cushions are robust, easy to care and partly even fire retardant, felt cushions are robust, resistant and form-stable.

Big patterns selection

We love cushions in fresh colours in summer and spring time, while opaque colours and warm tones are demanded in winter and fall.

The cushion pattern also decides about the appearance of the cushion, as well as the textile used: should it be modern or classy, simple or extravagant: there are digital prints, graphic patterns, black-white combinations, colour mixings, writings and colour blocking as well as much more. Vitra cushions, Kvadrat cushions and other designer’s cushions offer a big selection as well as several variants and motives for every taste.

It also depends on the filling

Head pillows and cosy cushions need another filling than sitting cushions, beanbags and poufs. That’s the reason why different cushions have different fillings and inside cushions.

Floor cushions and beanbags need hard and strong filling in order to make it possible to sit comfortably on them. It is similar with seat and back cushions: They are often filled with foam or hard flakes in order to protect the body. Designer cushions are more and more filled with foam. The different couch cushions, sofa cushions and cuddly cushions naturally have another texture: feathers and downs warm us and make home a comfortable place to be. Cushions with loose flakes are easily shook up. Decoration cushions however, are important because they are easy to be cleaned and remain in their original form.

The creative cushions combinations are endless: discover all the possibilities and order the suitable items in the home design shop!