Normann Copenhagen - Bell


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The Bell lights are designed in iconic bell-shapes and with lovingly crafted details. The look of the hanging lamp is robust, its design simply. With its smooth, rounded surface the lamp seems to be casted in one piece.

Instead of hiding it, the connection between cable and lights is highlightes at the Normann Copenhagen Bell pendant collection in a modern and unusual way. The designer Andreas Lund and Jakob Rudbeck gave the mounting of the suspension lamp some room in their design.

Due to the contrast between the materials a highly topical light originates, which is ahead of its time.
The Bell lights from Normann Copenhagen are direction lights that change their character and give new impressions, depending on from which side you look at it. The bright interior reflects the direct light, which spreads conical and makes good lighting for example above the dining table. Especially the combination of different sizes makes the Bell to an eye-catcher.

Andreas Lund and Jakob Rudbeck about their design: "Suspension or connection between cable and lamp are often not a design focus, but rather a necessity. But in the design of the lamp Bell we highlighted exactly this connection and the lamp’s body. Light has a unifying feature, as well as the bell which, historically, has summoned the people by its sound. With its bell-shape the light can be used also for the design of a cosy oasis in the room, where all come together."