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Anton Björsing

Anton Björsing

The designer Anton Björsing was born in Sweden in 1983 and initially trained as a joiner. The intensive work encouraged him in developing his own objects. He studied at the Steneby Design School in Gothenburg, Carl Malmsten furniture studies in Linköging and at the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London.

His curiosity and his knowledge of the material wood, as well as his ambition to meet challenges are the key elements of his designs. Björsings ideas extends from product design over furnishing up to interior design for private or public sector rooms.
The Swede describes his ideas as follows: I want to design products that aren’t only seen as a commodity but estimated and not discarded after use. Products, people like to keep for a long while, with a deep connection.

His simple designs with expressive character are the results of his training and his knowledge of the properties of wood with a view to long-term use.

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