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Crazy Gifts

Crazy Gifts - Always worth a Giggle

‘No one is so crazy that they couldn’t find someone even crazier who understands them.’ -Friedrich Nietzsche-
There are friends and occasions where a gift voucher is not enough. Birthday gifts for best friends, gifts for Father's Day and Mother's Day or wedding gifts - creativity is needed here. Find original gift ideas and crazy gifts at Connox.

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Gift Ideas for many Occasions

Stag nights: gifts for soon-to-be married men are rarely serious. Rather, it seems an unspoken tradition to tease him again. But what to get? The bride and groom start their shared future with many plans. What better than a pen to write these down - a truly big pen. The Think Big XXXL lead pencil by Donkey Products is 39 cm long. No matter how many plans the bride and groom may have, this pen lasts forever.
Gifts for guests and gift bags: what to give the dear guests? They should be unusual and original objects which remind them of the occasion, something that doesn’t exist in every household. How about a vegetable sharpener and peeler? Your guests have definitely not yet seen something like that. The Karoto by Monkey Business is a vegetable cutter in the form of a sharpener. It not only cuts but also sharpens and curls vegetables. Your party will remain on everyone's lips - in the truest sense of the word.
Secret Santa gifts: Christmas time is giving time. At work, school, clubs or amongst friends, secret Santa gifts are needed everywhere. You shouldn’t let your worries ruin the fun though. Ensure a giggle or at least curious glances, as the function of the Aalto Pot Guard by Iittala isn’t immediately recognisable. Many will wonder what the strange wooden fabric is for. Yet its purpose is just as simple as it is awesome: the wooden utensil is clamped between pot and lid and creates more space so that nothing boils over.

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