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String System - the Timeless Shelf

Some things are so timeless, that it is difficult to say when exactly it was created. This certainly includes the Nisse Strinning shelving system, which was designed as early as 1949 and has lost none any of its noble, timeless, elegant and functional charisma.

Strinning designed his shelf for a competition, which was held by the Swedish book publisher "Bonniers Folkbibliotek". The publisher was looking for an inexpensive shelf, which was light and compact to transport as well as quickly and easily put together. It seems almost absurd that something so simple made up of wire and wood has become a design classic in the 20th century.

It all started with two “ladder-like” side panels and shelves that could simply be slid in.
Today, the string shelving system can create whole landscaped interiors, which can fulfill the most diverse purposes and can grow from the small pocket shelf to a gigantic wall shelf.
Whether the surface is big or small, String is completely flexible and can always be adapted.