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Kitchen Lighting

Creating a Homely Atmosphere in Your Kitchen with the Right Lamps

Louis Poulsen - PH 2/1 pendant lamp

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of every home: Here, the family comes together to cook, eat and spend time together. Therefore, a kitchen should be practical, functional, comfortable and inviting at the same time.

There are many things to consider when you're looking for the right kitchen lighting: Which color temperature is the right one? How bright should the light be so that the workspace is optimally illuminated?

With our tips you will put your kitchen in the right light:

  1. Lighting for Different Areas of Your Kitchen
  2. Choosing the Right Bulb
  3. An Overview of Kitchen Lighting

Lighting for Different Areas of Your Kitchen

Kitchen Ceiling Lighting: The Foundation of Kitchen Lighting

A basic ceiling light must not be missing in any kitchen. Always a good choice are kitchen lights that are easy to clean. Experts recommend 300 lumens per square meter for central ceiling lighting. Out tip for basic lighting are spots that can be rotated in different directions.

At first glance the Bollard Light by Menu looks like a normal pendant light. If you pinch the cord into the side mount can quickly turn it into a spotlight.

A perfect light source that can be individually aligned as basic lighting. However, a single basic light is not enough in the kitchen to illuminate all areas optimally. You need several light sources for this.

Lighting above Your Kitchen Island

Preparing dinner or decorating the birthday cake - the light in the work area of ​​a kitchen should be as bright as possible. Experts recommend a neutral white light for your kitchen workspace with a luminous flux of 500 lumens per square meter.

Normann Copenhangen - Grant Pendant Lamp, Ø 45 cm, brass
Luce pendant luminaire from Hartô in Medium / natural oak
NUD Collection - Classic, Adobe Rose (TT-52)
Normann Copenhangen - Grant Pendant Lamp, Ø 45 cm, black

Anyone who does not have wall cabinets in the kitchen will be rewarded with a generous amount of space - and therefore more room for lighting. The workspace can be wonderfully and precisely illuminated with pendant lighting such as the classic Toldbod 120 by Louis Poulsen or the Unfold pendant lamp by Muuto.

For everyone else, with overhead cabinets or limited space, Stiletto's Glühwürmchen DeLight is ideal. The plug-in light fits into the kitchen ambience regardless of your kitchen's design and is a practical kitchen and work light. It only needs a socket, then quickly becomes a light source with additional light for the working area.

Woud - Annular LED pendant light

Kitchen Lighting above the Dining Table

If a dining table is integrated into the kitchen, you should think about proper lighting for the dining area. Choose a kitchen lamp with warm white light, so the atmosphere is cozy.

The Caboche LED pendant light by Foscarini is dimmable, the light intensity is adjustable and therefore nothing stands in the way of a romantic dinner. To get a soft and warm glow, choose a lamp that creates diffused light. The matte screen of the Moser pendant lamp by Louis Poulsen illuminates your dining table evenly and ensures a pleasant light in the dining area.

Furnishing expert Kerstin Reilemann profile picture

Clava Dine from Umage brushed brass
Muuto - Fluid Pendant light
The FlowerPot pendant lamp VP1 from & Tradition, beige red
Akari 26A paper pendant lamp

Pendant lights look particularly good above the dining table. Make sure that they do not hang too low, however: ideally the pendant lamps hang 60 to 70 centimeters above the table top.

Set Accents: Pendant Lighting with a Special Design

Pendant Lighting is always a highlight. Set accents through modern kitchen lighting with an unusual design or coloring. The minimalist lamp Semi by Gubi is an eye-catcher above every kitchen counter or dining table.

The Louis Poulsen - LP Circle ceiling lamp
The Louis Poulsen - ToldbodGlas pendant light

Choosing the Right Bulb

Kitchen Lighting with LED

When choosing light bulbs for your kitchen lighting, think of the environment and also your wallet. LED lights are always a little more expensive. However, they are also more durable than classic bulbs and energy-saving bulbs, so they will quickly be worth their money.

To save power, the Drops 2xs LED pendant light by Next Home is the perfect solution. It looks as if a small drop of white fluid is floating weightlessly in space. The LED kitchen light looks especially stunning. Foscarini also offers energy-saving and durable LED kitchen lights, which are beneficial in the kitchen or any alternative room.

Colour temperature light colours
Suspence pendant lamp by Fritz Hansen

Kitchen Lighting Performance in Lumens

Different rooms require different amounts of light. In contrast to the living room you need bright, clear light in your bathroom and your kitchen. In addition, the size of the room and the furnishings play a role in the lighting of your kitchen.

The unit lumen (lm) measures the luminous flux and thus a room's brightness. Experts recommend 300 lumens per square meter for the basic lighting of the kitchen. If your kitchen is ten square meters, you need lamps with a luminous flux of 3,000 lumens.

The work surface of the kitchen should be bright - 500 lumens per square meter are recommended here.

Melt Surface ceiling lamp by Tom Dixon in gold
The Louis Poulsen - Toldbod 155 wall lamp in aluminium
Muuto - Fluid Pendant light

The Right Light Color for Your Kitchen

For kitchen lighting, in addition to the luminous flux, the light color is decisive, which is measured in Kelvin. The optimum basic lighting is between 3,300 and 5,300 Kelvin. For the dining table lighting, choose a medium brightness with warm white light between 2,700 and 3,300 Kelvin. The functional lighting of the workspace and the accent lighting in the kitchen range from 4,000 to 5,300 Kelvin. You can also use light in the range above 5,300 Kelvin for work areas: It corresponds to daylight white and is considered to promote concentration.

Umage - Silvia with a honeycomb appearanceOur recommendations for you:LightingView now!

An Overview of Kitchen Lighting

  • Only with several light sources all areas are optimally illuminated.
  • 300 lumens per square meter for basic lighting
  • 500 lumens per square meter for the workspace - that is the optimum brightness for preparing food
  • Choose diffused light sources with a dimmer above the dining area for a cozy mood.
  • Neutral white light sources are ideal for the kitchen, while warm white light sources in the dining area create a feel-good atmosphere.

Article from the 2019-09-05, of Sophie Wrede

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