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Callwey publishing house

Founded in 1884 by Georg D.W. Callwey, Callwey Verlag is now owned by the fourth generation of the Baur-Callwey family. Without belonging to a group and with passion.

Architekturverlag from Germany

Founded in 1884 by Georg D.W. Callwey, Callwey Verlag is now owned by the fourth generation of the Baur-Callwey family. Without belonging to a group and with passion, Callwey is one of the leading architectural publishers in Germany in the fields of construction, planning and design, renovation and restoration.

Callwey Verlag publishes about 30 new books each year, and licenses are purchased and sold worldwide. Callwey is a trend-setting publisher for topics relating to architecture, construction, living, gardening and handicrafts and offers a high-quality specialist and non-fiction book programme. And this not only conveys an extraordinary knowledge advantage, but also promotes the fun of a good reading culture through surprising details or sophisticated stagings.

The history of the Callwey publishing house:

The Prussian Georg D.W. Callwey (he came from Hamm in Westphalia) has so much courage to found his own publishing house in the heart of Bavaria.

Callwey takes over "Die Mappe"; founded in 1881 and still one of the pillars of the publishing house today.

Callwey acquires the Kastner & Lossen printshop, which becomes Kastner & Callwey; the printshop still exists today, even though it no longer belongs to the publishing house.

The "master builder" is taken over; the trade journal for architecture still has a decisive influence on the profile of the publishing house.

With "Blätter für Maltechnik" the magazine is added, which today is the forum for restorers and conservators as "Restauro".

Carl Jacob Burckhardt finishes the first volume of his "Richelieu" biography; this volume becomes one of the most successful titles in publishing history.

Karl Baur is deprived of the paper allotment for books because he, who was initially a party member himself, did not want to approve of the Nazi genocide. After the war, Baur was initially (from 1945-48) banned from a profession. The publishing house continued to exist under the leadership of Hermann Rinn.

Purchase of the magazine "Steinmetz und Bildhauer", founded in 1884 and now known as "STEIN - Zeitschrift für Naturstein".

Garten+Landschaft" joins the publishing house as another specialist journal; it is still the organ of the German Society for Garden Art (DGGL) today.

Move to Streitfeldstrasse 35, today's publishing house domicile.

"Topos - European Landscape Magazine" is founded and quickly establishes itself as the most important voice of international landscape architecture.

With the "STONE REPORT China" Callwey brings out a title on the Far Eastern market for the first time.

Together with ECLAS, the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools, Callwey publishes the journal JoLA, Journal of Landscape Architecture. It's a science title that only appears in English.

Generation change - Dr. Marcella Prior-Callwey and Dominik Baur-Callwey take over the management.

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