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Iittala - Teema

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Iittala Teema: simple and beautiful tableware for everyday use

The Teema tableware is a classic! This status is justified not only by the success that the tableware has enjoyed to this day, but also by its simple elegance and versatility. As early as 1952, the designer Kaj Franck created the basic shapes which later became Teema.

Initially, however, Teema was called Kilta and was produced by Arabia, where Kaj Franck was a designer after the Second World War. After Kilta had been taken out of production for a short time in the 1970s, Iittala started producing the tableware again. Teema is now one of the brand's bestsellers and one of the most sought-after services in Scandinavia. The special thing about Teema was and is its versatility. Titled by the manufacturer Iittala itself as a "meaningful simplification", Teema dispenses with all ornamentation and decoration and is reduced exclusively to the essentials. Circle, square and rectangle are the basic forms that Kaj Franck found so irresistible that he made them the subject of Teema. Colour was to be the only decoration of the tableware. Everything else would only distract from the actual object. This simplicity is the basis for another decisive characteristic of Iittala Teema: it can be combined at will - among each other, but also beyond the product family.

The Teema tableware can be combined in many ways

Iittala offers a wide range of colours for Teema. Since the shapes always remain the same, all colours can be combined with each other without any problems. Teema's simple shapes can also be combined with a variety of other objects. Teema can easily be combined with Bottna or Origo or the Kartio drinking glasses as well as the glasses from Aino Aalto. The products always look cohesive and uniform. Teema thus meets the individual wishes of people and leaves room for personal development. With a limited number of dishes, an infinite number of different tables can be conjured up.

Another plus of Teema crockery: it is freeze-proof, ovenproof and suitable for microwaves and dishwashers.