Amelie Hegardt


Paper Collective - Dancer 02 Paper Collective - Dancer 02 €49.00 *Paper Collective - Silhouette 01 Paper Collective - Silhouette 01, 50 x 70 cm €49.00 *Paper Collective - Silhouette 03 Paper Collective - Silhouette 03, 50 x 70 cm €49.00 *
Designer - Amelie Hegardt

Amelie Hergardt is a Swedish illustrator. She is known for her pastel drawings in watercolour, where she wonderfully connects emotions and style.

Hergardt’s works mirror her interest in fashion, arts and beauty. Internationally renowned customers were the high class magazine Vogue Japan, Mac Cosmetics, Sephora or the exclusive London warehouse Harrods, among others.

The works of Amelie Hergardt suggest intimacy and emotions. The drawings combine filigree silhouettes and powerful colours – forms between dissolution and completion.

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