Designer Dana Cannam

Dana Cannam

Dana Cannam (b.1980, Canada) received his Bachelors in Industrial Design at the University of Alberta in Canada in 2007 and his masters in Humanitarian Design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2010.

Upon graduation Dana established 'Dana Cannam Design' based in Eindhoven, specializing in product and interaction design.

"I am fascinated with the idea of simplicity in design and how this may translate to technical innovations in not only products but the digital realm as well. My methodology consists of a pragmatic hands-on approach to understanding traditional craftsmanship and how this perspective can be applied to new innovations in design."

At the moment, Dana Cannam works researching emotional and symbolic contents and the encouragement of innovations for developing processes of new products. The aim is the development of a hybrid language which transports natural materials and innovative technologies by traditional handicraft, to the user easily.

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