David Edwards

David Edwards

David Edwards is a professor at the renowned Harvard University, scientist, inventor and writer. In Harvard he teaches at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences the development of ideas in the areas of art and science.

David Edwards occupies himself with the healing of sickness. With it he creates new ways that he pulls forward with his company Pulmatrix and the Nonprofit-company Medicine in Need (MEND). New ways of cleaning and eating count to his projects. With Le Laboratoure he created an art and science center in Paris, where he develops innovative products and markets them. The Air filter, Andrea Air or the “first breathable chocolate” (Le Whif) is one of this innovative products.

The exceptional products are often designed by Edwards with partners. The Andrea Air air-filter emerged in cooperation with Mathieu Lehanneur, Le Whif with Thierry Marx. David Edwars also occupies himself with the writing of books about his inventions. The origin of Andrea Air is described by Edwards, for example in his book “Niche” from the year 2007.

In the year 2008 David Edwards was designed Chevalier des Arts et der Lettres by the French cultural ministerial and also selected for the French national academy for development in the same year. Since 2001 he is also a member of the American academy for development. David Edwards has his main residence in Paris.

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