David Trubridge

David Trubridge

David Trubridge is a native English. After he graduated in shipbuilding / ship design in 1972 he moved to north England, more specific Northumberland. There he worked as forester on a private property and learned how to design furniture.

He sold his whole possessions, bought the “Hornpipe” yacht and went to discover the world with his wife Linda and his two sons. The travel led him through the Caribbean Sea into the Pacific Ocean to New Zeeland.

Inspired by the travels and local people he met, David Trubridge began to design furniture pieces. That is how a series of objects emerged, that is based on the form of traditional Maori canoes – with weightless and flexible structures. The objects display a translation of his approach of nature and describe his search after essential, original materials such as wood and stones, mirroring the simplicity and easy bruising life of humans.

The most famous object out of the series might be the swing couch Body Raft, which Davod Trubridge presented on the Milan furniture Fair in 2001. Cappellini instantly secured the design and helped DavidTrubridge thereby to become an internationally renowned designer.

David Trubridge lives in New Zeeland today, leading his own design studio. The autodidact makes presentations all around the world and teaches as guest professor at different universities since 2006.