Designer Mika Barr


Mika Barr

The designer and artist Mika Barr designs textiles. But her patterns aren’t the only special thing, but also the qualities of the material she uses: It is foldable since it is three-dimensional.

Mika Barr was born in 1982 and studied at the Shenkar College for Design in the Israeli city Ramat Gan, before she founded her design studio Mika Barr in Tel Aviv. During her studies she already focused on textiles, transforming them into special jewellery pieces by means of unusual processes.

The designs of the Israeli designer are characterized by the particular textures that make each textile foldable in three dimensions. Mika Barr is inspired by the interplay of city and nature and geometric and organic shapes for this newish design approach. The 3D textiles from Mika Barr are found in many areas today: cushions, lampshades, fashion and museums among others.

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