Dominik Peitsch


side by side - Nutcracker side by side - Nutcracker, oak wood €59.90 *
Dominik Peitsch

Dominik Peitsch is a designer of Bielefeld, who designs products and also concentrates on other working fields. His office “Zuckerbrot + Peitsch” focusses on market analysis, marketing concepts for middle class companies, market building and management as well as communication and media planning.

Dominik Peitsch works for Corporate Design, Print Design, Web Design, Motion Design (Film/DVD/Internet) and Animation regarding design. IT knowledge also belongs to the Peitsch qualities. Besides working in his own office, the marketing expert also teaches at the University of Bielefeld.

Dominik Peitsch was honoured with the red dot award 2010 for his Bootbag, an innovative bicycle luggage carrier.

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