Flip Sellin

Flip Sellin

The designer Flip Sellin was born in Berlin in 1970, where he still lives. He studied at the Kingston University in London, at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and the UDK Berlin. The focus of his work is furniture and interior design. After he graduated, Sellin worked as independent designer.

In 2004 Sellin affiliated with the architects Tilman Thürmer and Jochen Gringmuth founding “Coordination”. The trio is an active foundation member of “Create Berlin”, a design team that works improving the creative area of Berlin.

Coordination attends all conceptions, planned and administrative works that are necessary for the successful implementation of complex exposition and interior projects. That is how the team also designed and realized both of the first international performances from Create Berlin in Milan and Tokyo.

Beside his work for Coordination, Sellin is also a freelance designer and designs furniture and objects for his own collection and customers such as Koziol, Parkhaus, Garage Blau and Artificial.

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