Hugo Timmermans

Luceplan - Aircon Pendant Lamp Luceplan - Aircon Pendant Lamp D50, orange €583.00 *
Hugo Timmermans

Hugo Timmermans graduated in Industrial Design in 1992 and began designing and producing furniture in small collections soon. Timmermans also received the Dutch Prize for Young Designers as well as the Prize for Best Dutch Furniture soon.

In 1997 Hugo Timmermans founded his own production company named Optic Product and created the Optic brand. In 2000, he became a member of the 3D department of the design studio Solar initiative, where he met Willem van der Slius.

He founded the company “Customr” in the year 2001 together with Willem van der Slius. The common studio of the two designers focused on design and the realization of products and projects. Customr won four international design awards in 2004 with the Greenlight Collection. The Greenlight Collection includes several lamps that are produced by the Italian manufacturer Luceplan today.