Atelier I + N


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I + N Studio - Design portrait

Atelier I + N is a collaborative design studio of the brothers Ismael and Nathan Studer. The initials of the surnames show that the twins Ismael and Nathan Studer have much in common.
The brothers graduated at the renowned ECAL in Lausanne in 2010 and 2011, born in 1984. The sibling team has worked in the common studio since then, which was named after them. The Studio I + N is located in Neuchâtel, near the French border.

I + N doesn’t only work in the field of product design, but also interior design. Thereby the two brothers design objects which interact with those already existing in a room.

"What fascinate ourself and amuse us above the creation of an object is the life it’s going to have with its user", explained the Swiss designers. “We like to believe in the importance of the relationship that is created between animate and inanimate”.

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