Jade Barnes-Richardson

Jade Barnes-Richardson

Jade Barnes-Richardson successfully finished her studies as a contemporary furniture and products designer at the Bucks New University in the year 2008. Her designs are inspired by life in smaller rooms and aim to facilitate modern life.

The designer Jade Barnes-Richardson is especially interested in concepts that create and enlarge rooms, that clear out interior furnishing and that are as compact as multifunctional. Her objects should change the interaction with the direct environment. One example is the Hang On wardrobe which is produced by Normann Copenhagen.

About the Hang On wardrobe, Jade Barnes-Richardson explains: ”I’m fascinated by multifunctional design. As well as the disorder that appears when we throw our clothes in different corners at home, the designed chaos from the hooks creates order on their own special way. Hang On is a versatile usable design for everyday objects such as jackets, towels and accessories.”

Since her studies, Jade Barnes-Richardson has participated at numerous expositions. Moreover her works were presented at London’s Fashion Week ON|OFF Event 2008.

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