Julie Storm

Julie Storm

Julie Storm is a trained industrial designer from The Danish Design School, and over the years she won many international design awards. Because of her long education at many art schools both in Denmark and abroad Julie became deeply absorbed in the interaction between material and shape. The double-curved line is almost always to be found in her creations.

“The shapes are supposed to have their own sensuality and life. And a bit of humour and joie de vivre should be represented, too. And at the same I find it important that a design has a strong functional value, and that function and aesthetics go hand in hand. A good design is supposed to be relevant, functional and practical. Most of my ideas often start when I feel irritated or uncertain on handling already existing products – for example a flowerpot allowing the water to overflow in the window sill – or disposable tableware, where the potato salad ends up on one's lap – or the carving board, where the juice will always end up on the table or the floor. I believe in designers, who have something on their mind. It is important that we make utility items applicable to others. A design is only good, when the idiom is no longer private, but steps out and becomes a story in itself – or gets its own unique functionality.

The closest affinity I feel to any other Danish designer, must be that to Verner Panton. In his works I see a love to life and to shape that I am very fond of, and which I am trying to obtain in my own expressions.”

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