Lotta Olsson


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Lotta Olsson

Naturalistic Design made in Sweden

The Swedish illustrator Lotta Olsson is known for her unique interpretation of natural motifs which she translates into a modern imaginative design language. Born and raised in Sweden, the graphics are inspired by the manifold beauty of Sweden's' nature. In a colorful manner, flowers, trees and leaves spread a folkloristic charm.

"I am very fascinated by trees. One little leaf can be an art piece, and a naked tree in the winter is like a sculpture. Nature is wild and free and, to me, it is about shapes and visual details, not systems or a scientific approach. When I create a tree, only my fantasy creates the border," says Lotta Olsson.

Lotta Olsson graduated from the Stockholm University College of Arts, Crafts and Design with a major in graphic design and illustration. With her designs, Olsson has gained international recognition.

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