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Lutz Gathmann

Lutz Gathmann

Lutz Gathmann isn’t only a designer, he is also an engineer. The German already expanded the famous phrase “form follows function” with the word “fun”, in his 1981 founded design studio in Düsseldorf, since form and function only work if the artist enjoys his work, his material, his colour and the quality. These factors are as important for Gathmann as having fun while sketching, developing and producing. Thereby Gathman designed very different products along his career: presents, office articles, writing devices, tools, leather goods, packages, table accessories, small fucniture and more.

Something characteristic of the German designer is that Lutz Gathmann took an important step regarding safety with certifications in 2008: good design should be safe. The harmonization of the EU standards encourages the care of international authorities for safety of customer’s goods. This is where Lutz Gathmann starts developing suitable solutions that harmonize with the technical demands of an aesthetical shaping and with the design of the whole product.

The advantages of the unity of both components are: cutting construction process periods, the improvement of quality and the avoiding of high cost re-improvements or call-backs. The specialty in the designs of Lutz Gathmann already ensured some important awards.

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