Matthias Etter

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Matthias Etter

Matthias Etter is the founder of the Cuboro ball path. Etter was born in 1954 in Romanshorn and grew up in Gümligen near Bern.

He finished his mechanical teachings, a social education schooling and worked after that with handicapped people. He soon had the idea which ended up in the ball run Cuboro:

"The work with handicapped children motivated me to develop special music instruments. For my diploma thesis I wrote an instruction for the "sound games in groups". Then I developed puzzles (tailored to the ability of the single children) and other skilled games. So the origin of Cuboro emerged; a simple element game, in which some cubes have to be connected to runs and holes. If a marble ball runs through it at the end, the mission is fulfilled."

As teacher he was specialised in metal treatment and musical subjects. In 1982 Etter bought a courtyard in the Tuscany, where he lived with his wife and his two, later born children. In this time, 1985, the first version of the Cuboro ball run appeared - back then named Konstrito.

"Playing is a natural thing to do for a child, a fundamental term. It is the beginning of (living-) experience through intuition, animation, creation and so on. Playing helps to find their own skills, the world of the things and connections and also the social and emotional relationship to other creatures. Playing never ends."

In 1986 the name Konstrito had to be changed because of judicial reasons and Cuboro was born. After the visit at the trade fair Ornaris in 1986, Etter organised in cooperation with the joinery of Hans Nyfeler and the WWF the production of Cuboro with his roommates in the own flat. After the visit of many other trade fairs the export of Cuboro grew. In 1997 the company Cuboro AG was founded in Switzerland.

In 1999 Matthias Etter came back from Italy to Switzerland. Since then he works with the managing, promotion, animation, presentation and developing toys, games and concepts for the company Cuboro AG.