Merete Erbou Laurent


Hay - Two Ways Rug Hay - Two Ways Rug 240 x 63 cm, black €245.00 *Hay - Two Ways Rug Hay - Two Ways Rug, 300 x 200 cm, black €719.00 *
Merete Erbou Laurent

Merete Erbou Laurent is a trained textile designer of Denmark. She graduated at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen, after studying architecture in Aarhus.

After weaving carpets and wall rugs, Merete Erbou Laurent researched the methods of manufacturing high quality carpets of sisal and paper. Thereby the Danish continuously focusses on artistic expression, which appears combining her textiles with light, room, colours and furniture.

Laurent already works in her own studio since 1970, she sometimes teaches at universities and she contributed an important bit to the distribution of Danish arts and crafts as well as textile design.