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Peer Clahsen

Peer Clahsen

Peer Clahsen was born in 1938, made an apprenticeship and an arts career.

1967 he designed numerous, meanwhile classics, from Naef games AG produced toys. Peer Clahsen works as free-artist, arts teacher, poet and performance-interpret.

Games are a serious thing. If one talks about games, and about things that make games possible – when it is talked about “secondary things” for the world, while others say “children’s stuff” filling our minds with prejudice, and what famous people used as source for creative works.

If we play, we understand and learn to understand; we play, then we discover and invent our exciting company. We heal and design when we play; we see and recognize, we decide and think. Toys are a serious thing which becomes heavy and sinks to the ground tired and dull in pedantic hands.

Games and stuff are two, are one; nothing I want to miss. But if I hadn’t one of it, maybe you’d lend me yours? I want to learn in games - playing!