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Koziol - Toq Toilet Brush Koziol - Toq toilet brush, white €37.95 *Rosenthal - Spirit Bowl Rosenthal - Spirit Bowl, 19 cm €88.50 *
Platt & Young

The renowned designers Robin Platt and Cairn Young work internationally from their office in London.

After graduating at the London College of Furniture, Robin Platt founded an own design workshop in the London Kennington together with the architect Cairn Young. Both of them work together since 1991, despite their individual projects.

Some of their customers are Grupo T, Cidue, Sywaya & Moroni, Driade, Rosenthal, WMF and Auerhahn.

Both of them count to the exceptional designers of the London scene. They mainly work with furniture, interior furnishing and usage objects.

Their works are characterized by a big sense for iconic volume and plastic forms. Their innovative-emotional designs have fans all over the world.

Platt & Young’s works are functional and have flowing and contours-emphasizing forms thereby as a final result. Minimalistic roots are always recognizable in their products.

Their explanation for the A-Design baskets for Auerhahn is symptomatic for their design understanding:
”Structures are often created by means of the most simple rules in nature. The basket is an example of how a complex form can only be reached repeated and turned by manipulating a simple element.”

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