Rob Brandt


Rob Brandt - Crushed Cup Goods - Crushed Cup, large €7.80 * 4 von 5
Rob Brandt

Rob Brandt was born in Gorssel in the Netherlands. Rob Brandt mainly works with shades. His works are somewhere between art and kitsch, or balance on the borderline between them.

In his works, Rob Brandt mainly uses famous images and plays thereby with the clichés. The works are therefore the expression of a moment and especially emphasize what was important for Rob Brandt in the designing moment.

From 1968 to 1973 Brandt visited the Academy of Visual Arts “Sint Joost” in Breda. Since then he participated at numerous expositions, is displayed at diverse collections of museums and has designed free-standing sculptures, artworks and buyable products.

For example, he designed the Deukbeker cup that reminds of a wrinkled cup for the Netherlands manufacturer Goods.

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