Ryan McSorley


XD Design - Pesta Mortar and Pestle XD Design - Pesta €34.95 *
The Deisgner Ryan McSorley

Ryan McSorley went into the world of design, first studying Product Design at the London Saint Martins College. Shortly afterwards, he completed an internship in the Xindao design studio in Shanghai, better known as XD Design. Today, the British is chief designer at the Netherlands-Chinese company.

As head of the design department of XD Design, McSorley accompanies products from the beginning to their mass production. His passion for design has started with Lego bricks, with which he always built new things as a child. Even today, the designs of Ryan McSorley are filled with a certain amount of playfulness and fun, like clearly seen in the Solar Suntree, which doesn’t only present technique purely functional, but which also adds a rather happy component to it. Without being cheesy, but very subtle in order to emphasize the real function. Ryan McSorley tries to include this narrow ridge into each one of his designs.

The design phase of Ryan McSorley is quite classic, with pen and paper. The British living in China also produces models out of paper, until he likes the proportions and the scale in order to let the “real” models emerge.