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Silo Studio

Silo Studio

Silo is the name of the design studio by Attua Aparicio and Oscar Wanless. The office of both designers is based in London at the south coast of the Thames.

The Spanish designer Attua Aparicio studied design in Madrid and Valencia, before she went to the UK in 2009. Oscar Wanless was born in the south English Bristol, where he grew up in a carpentry. There the British already met different paintings and their production when he was young. After studying in Brighton, he worked as independent designer in London.

In their common studio Silo Studio, Aparicio and Wanless work together in order to create products with a handicraft character out of industrial materials. They do it by means of observing industrial processes in order to develop a more simple and expressive method for their products - Handmade-high tech.

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