Stephen Bretland

Stephen Bretland

Stephen Bretland was born in the English Liverpool in 1968. He studied three-dimensional design at the Manchester Metropolitan University from 1987 to 1990.

Bretland moved to London in the year 1992 and worked in the model construction industry for a couple of years. He founded a studio for the production and manufacture of his own products in 1996. Beside his work as designer, Stephen Bretland also teaches in different design courses.

He is cofounder of Loglike, where he works with ethic and ecologic design and sells fair trade and organic products. Loglike’s first T-shirts collection is already in production.

Also the frame “Picture Book” emerged for the English manufacturer Suck Uk.

Stephen Bretland was one of the founders of the design collective TEN in the year 2006. In the last four years, the designers have already exposed their products at 100% Design and received the Bluerint Award there for the “best contribution to show”. In 2009 TEN furthermore got the silver Bluepring Award.

Meanwhile, Stephen Bretland and his life-focus have moved to Wales.

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